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How to send data to GA4 with Freespee

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As interests grows regarding the new GA4 solution by Google, Freespee is as always working hard at building integrations to ensure we can help you visualise and manage your data in as many tools as needed. 


While the integration is still being developed, we currently have a solution in place so you can start receiving data in your GA4 account, while using our existing Google Analytics integration (for more info on this original integration, see here


How to set it up:

If you log in the Freespee Dashboard and access the integrations menu, you should see an option for Google Analytics. In there, a few new settings have been added as optional, to use with GA4.




In the UAid section you need to add your Measurement ID for your GA4 account.

You should see a new field as "API secret (only for GA4) (optional)". To create a new secret, navigate to: Admin > Data Streams > choose your stream > Measurement Protocol > Create - in your Google account. 


More on Secrets here.


Note on using GA4 with Google Universal Analytics:

You can set in the Freespee dashboard the UAid for Google Universal Analytics (the original GA) and add also a measurement ID for GA4 together, comma separated, for example: 
In the past, if the UAid field was blank, our system would pick it up automatically from the cookie to communicate with Google Analytics, but if you add a GA4 tracking id in this field in Freespee, you need to add the UAid for GA as well (if you want to track in both), as it won't be automatically picked up; that only works if that field is blank.  


What we send:

Freespee sends an event to GA4 with a label as either “freespee_call_answered” or “freespee_call_missed”, depending on the status of the call. Then, for each call we include the following parameters:


currency => Currency setting of the Freespee account (for example EUR or GBP)
value => Call sale/commission value (if any)
status => Call status (Can be "answered" or "missed")
duration => Call duration (in seconds)
channel => Call channel mapping (as set by Freespee)
source => Call source mapping (as set by Freespee)
medium => Call medium mapping (as set by Freespee)

 And that is it! We hope you can start using this integration, and any questions or feedback at all, feel free to reach out to support@freespee.com 

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