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Kameleoon provides A/B testing environments and a platform that gives marketers, product teams, and developers the power to boost engagement and conversion. Freespee offers a dedicated integration in our platform with Kameleoon so calls can be sent to their platform and help our customers understand the results of their tests.


This is how to get it set up. 

1. Go to your Workflows and Integrations to find the Kameleoon card and click on Setup (if you see Request instead, it means our Support team may need to activate it first for you, based on your agreement with Freespee).




2. Once in the Settings page, you can add your Goal ID from Kameleoon (a mandatory value) and enable this integration so we can star sending call data.



Are you wondering how to get your Goal ID? No worries, you can create one or find it in your Kameleoon Dashboard. 


After logging in Kameleoon, you can create a new Goal if you don't have any yet. 




Once you have created your goal, hovering over with the mouse will show a pop up window that contains the Goal ID to add in Freespee.

With the Goal created and added in Freespee, you need to link it to an experiment created in Kamaleoon.




And you are set! We should start sending calls to Kameleoon as we receive them.


What do we send

  • Site code (picked up by fs.js)
  • Visitor code (picked up by fs.js)
  • Goal ID (added by the user as they enable the integration in Freespee)


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