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Our Message Orchestrator tool will offer you the possibility to create reactions to specific events, such as call ending, and send emails or sms to callers or agents with multiple scenarios, contemplating a wide range of selectable data and filters to ensure the right people receive the right message. Send a survey to the caller about their recent interaction, notify an agent about a call from a specific ad, or trigger an sms only for selected high value calls, there is a wealth of combinations available to meet your needs. 


Let's get building! 

Once you access the Message Orchestrator for the first time, you'll see two cards with the options available, either "Send a Survey" or build a "Custom Workflow". These two work quite differently so we'll explain it in more detail below.


In most cases a workflow will trigger when a call ends, however now you can use a webhook as a trigger or as a custom event after a call ends. For more information see our article about the webhook here!





What accounts will use my Workflow?

First of all, you can add a name to your Workflow, and determine to what accounts this will apply. By default, a Workflow will apply to all accounts but you can select specific accounts instead to benefit from these messages. Alternatively, you can select an account or accounts to be excluded instead (using the Exclude Accounts button instead). 




Send a Survey 

After clicking on Start Building, you will be redirected to the workflow widget where you can define the type of survey and the conditions for it to trigger, while deciding how to make it reach different users. 




In the survey card, you can customise how the message will look like, adding your own logo and colour palette for the template. You can also add a title and description, and the questions to be included in the survey (and how to rate them).


Once you have filled in all mandatory fields, the Save button will become available.  We'll talk about Criteria and Delivery Channel below.



Custom Workflow

When using the Custom Workflow builder, you will use the Event Criteria to trigger a message and define the contents of that notification (including who the recipient will be).

First, you need to select a Trigger, for example "when a call ends". Once this condition is met, you can add further criteria to segment what calls will actually apply to this orchestration action. Criteria can be:

Call Duration: defining the duration of the call (between 00:00:00 and 00:00:30 for calls 30 seconds or less). 

Call status: Answered or Missed.

End number: The specific number Freespee is connecting to.

Freespee Number or name: The Freespee number dialled in the call (for known static numbers).

From number: for a specific caller.

Media: the media channel attributed to this call, i.e. Google SEM.

Number type: Static or Dynamic. 




You can also use Session data to define the trigger in more detail, including browsing device, urls in the journey, geolcation, or even UTM parameters in the landing url. 


Once you have the Event and Criteria set up, you can work on the email or SMS to be sent out. 




For Email

From name: Name to be shown to receivers

From email address: Email address shown as sender

Email subject: the subject line of your email

To email address (or macro): specific receivers or macros as recipient for the email

Email Template: Freespee includes a base template but if you'd prefer to use something different, please don't hesitate to reach out to support@freespee.com to know more. 

Title: included in the email

Body: The text content of your email. Please feel free to use our Macro to add placeholders for values specific for this call (like call status or account name). 



To: recipient of the message. You can use our macros to automate this, for example using "local From nr" to get the caller number as recipient in local format. 

From: the name or number of the sender, limited to 11 characters.

Text message: the content of the sms. Please note that the sms character limit is 160, and special characters may translate to multiple characters. 

Unsubscribe link description: Defaults as "Unsubscribe here: " and follows with the unsubscribe link.



And that's it! Your first Workflow is all set. Remember you can add multiple outcomes in one single Workflow or you can create separate ones to be handled individually. Once a Workflow is created, you can deactivate it at any time using the flag below:





My Workflows

You can edit existing workflows if needed to address any changes, or to correct any issues you may notice over time. Use the Edit button in the My Workflows tab to make changes.

You can also monitor how different Workflows are tracking in this tab as well, you can see the Emails/SMS Sent tab, where we show the number of messages sent in the last 30 days



We encourage you to play around and discover all the potential that waits inside the Message Orchestrator, and if you have any questions or get stuck anywhere, feel free to contact us on support@freespee.com 



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