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Welcome to Explore, a Freespee tool that will enable you to create a variety of reports using a wealth of datapoints collected with each call when using our solution. In this page, we will explain how to navigate this tool, what are the most common datapoints, how to create and save your own reports/templates, and how to download these if needed.


Explore can be accessed using the second icon on the left hand side menu in our Dashboard:



Once you access Explore, the default report visible will display calls during the last 30 day period for all your accounts in your organisation in Freespee. Each individual call we register has it's own row in the report, and some default values are displayed as:

  • Caller: The telephone number of your visitor that called a Freespee number
  • Account: the subaccount inside your Freespee Organisation
  • Geolocation: this is information calculated based on the caller number and visitor session data
  • Browsing device: The device recorded for the visitor's session (desktop, mobile or tablet)
  • Medium: The Media that led a visitor to your site and to a Freespee number (as captured by our script, or manually added in static numbers).
  • Call duration in minutes and seconds


Accounts and dates

You can change almost everything in this report of course, from dates to accounts to the data displayed (including showing calls filtered by different parameters). For starters, you can tweak the dates and accounts to be shown in the report here:




You can change the accounts visible in the report (a single account or a group), and you can change the dates for the data displayed.



Columns, Filters and Templates


Once you have the right accounts and dates, you can start adding columns to your report, limit the data with filters, and if interested save all your selections into a Template to be used again in the future (after all, why do all the work again!).


There are multiple values available in Columns but the most relevant or ambiguous are:


About the Call

Call status: Answered or missed

Call type: The direction of the call. Call type is either inbound or outbound.

Call duration: The length of the call

Time: Time and date of the call

Call recording: An audio recording of the call if available (if call recording was enabled for that number and allowed). 


Meta Data

Account: The account the Freespee number is allocated to, inside your organisation in Freespee

Account number: A unique ID for that account in Freespee 

Last visited URL: Last URL visited before call took place (not necessarily where the Freespee number was shown)

Landing URL: First website URL visited, as tracked by the Freespee solution

Referral URL: The URL from which the visitor came to the website

Call value: The value of the call from either a conversion integration or from the pricing tool in our platform. 



Caller Number: The callers phone number

Freespee number: The Freespee telephone number dialled by the visitor. 

Answering number: The destination number the Freespee number points to

Number type: Static or Dynamic (or Callback if callbacks are available)



Freespee ID: A unique identifier for the call given by Freespee

Campaign: A campaign name in Freespee (a campaign generated in our platform)

Campaign ID: The id of this campaign

UTM Terms: These values are extracted automatically from the landing url if available. 


You can use the Filters button in order to enter filters in your report (for example to visualise only calls to dynamic numbers, for certain duration or medias). You can add multiple filters and store them or remove them as:



Once you have the data you wish to see, via added columns and filters, you can save this as a Template to be used in the future. Add a name for your template and a Description, so you can select the relevant one later on if using multiple Templates.




Alternatively, Freespee includes a series of pre-built templates for your comfort and easy access as:


Quality calls

Listing answered calls at least 2 minutes long.


Dropped calls

Listing answered calls less than 1 minute.


Calls outside business hours

Listing calls that occurred outside your specified business hours.



Once you have a report ready to your liking, you can chose to download it. You can use the Download button on the right hand side in order to receive a link via email. You can download a report with the selected values, or a report with all available data (it may take a bit longer to be generated). Once ready, you will receive an email from Freespee with a link to download the report.


Notice: You need to be logged in Freespee when clicking the download link in our email, or the download will fail. 


There's an additional tab outside of calls in Explore, named Accounts. For more info on this report, please see here


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