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Welcome to Monitor, your go-to platform to visualize insights about your account performance. After  successfully logging in the Freespee Dashboard, you will be automatically redirected to our Monitor tool, with an easy and intuitive display to show at a quick glance how your account is performing.


Let's break it down a bit to go over some of the most interesting details you'll find:


"How are customers conversations distributed over time?"



The first widget available will display the volume of calls over a predetermined period of time, including all calls and "Quality calls", along with sessions for your reference:

  • Calls: Any call received in your account during the selected time period
  • Quality calls: Any answered call longer than 2 minutes in that period
  • Website sessions: Unique sessions for visitors created by the Freespee solution (regardless of any calls they may have made)

Please note that you can change the accounts. in your organisation you wish to visualise (other than all of them together, selected by default) and the time period at the top of the screen:



Also, on the right hand side of this widget you have a link to our Explore tool, if you wish to dive deeper into these calls. You can find an article for Explore here


"How are conversions generated"?



This widget will display your total call distribution following metrics as:

  • Calls to dynamic numbers or Static numbers
  • Quality calls (calls over two minutes)
  • Conversions: calls that have met the criteria for conversion as per your Campaigns or Pricing Models. (More on Pricing Models here)


"What Media produces the most customer conversations?"




The widget above will show a breakdown of calls (separated by answered and missed calls) organised by the media that led to that call (Media added manually in Static numbers or extracted automatically thanks to the Freespee solution and used in dynamic numbers, for example Google SEM or Facebook ads)


"How are accounts performing?"


Lastly, we present a widget displaying your different accounts performance inside your organisation account in Freespee. We present a list of top accounts (based on volume) showing a breakdown by calls, total-answered-missed in columns. 


Al this Widgets contain a link to our Explore tool, for more information and insights. 

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