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Tealium integration

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Tealium is an enterprise tag management system and marketing software designed to help companies collect, unify and leverage their customer data. 


Freespee, understanding our customer's needs, has built an integration to help you connect your data between us and Tealium. 



Once that step is completed, you can start using our Tealium integration. In order to set this up in our Dashboard, you can access the Workflows tab, then click on "Setup" as shown below:




You should now be able to see the different settings available in order to get this integration going, with some mandatory and optional fields.




"Tealium account name" and "Tealium profile name": This are mandatory fields that need to be added in order for Freespee to send the information to the correct account. You should be able to find this information in your Tealium account. 


Disable sending call data from Freespee to Tealium (optional) - This optional setting allows you to disable the Post Event data we send to Tealium after a call has ended. 


Enable AudienceStream webhook from Tealium to Freespee (optional) - Allows you to enable this Tealium feature to connect to their webhook and share data about these calls. 


Once you are happy with the options selected, click Save and Activate, and we'll start sending data about your calls to your Tealium account. 


What do we send:

Tealium account
Tealium profile
Tealium event
Tealium visitor id
Call id
Call status
Call duration

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