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How to import a Data Studio csv to excel

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If you want to import a file from Data Studio you need to follow the next steps in order to do this correctly. 

Once you have downloaded the Data Studio report, you will need to open a new blank file in excel:


Once you have the new file open, you will need to go to “File - Import”, as it is shown in the image below:



And once there, a new box will be shown. In this box you will need to select “Text File” and after that, “Import”. You will need to choose the file you have downloaded previously from Data Studio:




Once the file is selected you will see the following screen, and you need to make sure that the following fields are selected: “Delimited - Characters such as commas or tabs separate each field”; “Start import at row: 1” which will be the row where the file will start and “File origin” Where you will need to select depending on your own setup.

As soon as these fields are completed you can click on “Next”.




In the following step you will need to choose how you want to delimit the information contained in the .csv from Data Studio. In order to do that you will need to select: 

“Comma” in the “Delimiters” section. Once this is completed you can click on “Next”.



In this screen you will be able to choose how you want the format date to be. Please select the best format according to your preferences. You can click “Finish” as soon as you have finished with this part.


Now you will be asked to choose where you want to open the .csv fine that now is ready to be open in Excel:


Once you have this finished, you will be able to start working with the file in Excel.


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