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Freespee Script loading order

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Freespee offers support and custom integrations for different third party solutions such as Sizmek, Adobe, Optimizely and many more. That said, and in order to ensure these integrations work correctly and we have all necessary data to communicate with these services, we rely on cookies and other tracking objects to effectively pick up the values we need.


Our script will normally run automatically onLoad or on DomContentLoaded, but if the Freespee script loads and the onLoad event is triggered before the required objects are fully loaded in the website, we would be unable to pick them up, and we would fail to send these to the relevant integrations. 


Common objects that are required for integrations to work are:

  • Sizmek (SZCD - object),
  • Adobe site catalyst (s - object),
  • Optimizely object,
  • Google Analytics (ga - object) 
  • etc

In order to solve this, we have two articles with tips / suggestions to force our script to load at a specific time, or to make our s ript wait for specific events:




Of course any questions you can always reach out to our helpful support team at support@freespee.com 

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