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Incoming Call Notifier

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The Incoming Call Notifier workflow is a smart and convenient way to provide agents with contextual data by triggering browser push notifications on each incoming call so that they get prepared with info about the visitor as soon as the phone rings.  

It can easily be enabled in your Freespee account.

Here is how to do it:

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Workflows tab and then choose Workflows and search for Incoming Call Notifier

2. Find the Incoming Call Notifier workflow and click on the request button (This only needs to be done once and only if it is not done before). This will send a ticket to our support team that will enable the Workflow for you as soon as possible. Note that your agreement must include this workflow in order for you to use it.


3. Once you receive an email saying that the workflow has been enabled you can go to the workflows site again and click on setup.


4. There are no settings needed for this workflow so all you need to do is click on Activate and you will start receiving these notifications.



What do we present?

* phone number 
* returning vs. new visitor 
* medium 
* last visited URL



Please note that in order to receive the notifications the user needs to be logged in to the Freespee dashboard. 

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