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The CTA Widget is a convenient way for the end-user to call directly or schedule a call within the next couple of days. When implemented, it'll show up as a phone symbol anywhere on the page the advertiser wishes to. When the end-user activates the widget with a click it launches an overlay presenting a simple form. The form allows the end-user to either call the advertiser directly or schedule a call to take place within the next few days. 


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The CTA widget is customisable. Among others it is possible to adjust the colour, the phone number and/or the call back form visibility, the opening hours during which a call can be scheduled and the amount of days to be displayed during which the customer can schedule a call back.

In order to implement the widget the following three steps need to be followed:

  1. Configure the script 
  2. Add the script to the webpage
  3. Add a button to launch it

For more information on how to implement the widget please see the CTA implementation guide

Why to use it

There are several reasons why you should use the CTA widget:

  • Keep website visitors engaged and drive sales and loyalty forward through a Call-to-Action which is mobile friendly, as well as user friendly
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels by adapting to a visitor's need through the use of schedule callback functionality
  • Multi-language, friendly and customizable means your brand values continue to seamlessly shine through

Opening Hours

The end-users will only be able to schedule calls during these given hours of operation.

Advertiser phone number

We advise you to spend some time and effort on choosing an appropriate phone number to connect the scheduled/call-back calls to. Try to find a number without an IVR (or similar). Freespee will play a voice prompt requesting the answering agent to press 1 to connect the call. If the answering agent is in fact an IVR or queue the voice prompt will not be answered with 1 and the call will be disconnected. Finally you must enter the carefully chosen number in the Freespee Dashboard (customer settings → allowed numbers) or API. Please note the ID given when entering the allowed number. You'll need the ID when implementing the Widget.






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