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Call Recovery

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Enhance the user experience for your customers with this call recovery workflow! 

When enabled, Freespee automatically sends a short text message to callers who have dropped off (i.e. "short or missed calls"), asking them if they would like to be called back. The caller will be redirected to a landing page where they receive several date/time choices to schedule a callback. You will be notified by email if the caller clicks the link in the text message, and accepts to be called back at a later time. 

How to activate

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Workflows tab and search for Call Recovery

2. Find the Call Recovery workflow and click on the request button (This only needs to be done once and only if it is not done before). This will send a ticket to our support team that will enable the workflow for you as soon as possible. Note that your agreement must include this integration in order for you to use it.


3. Once it has been enabled, you can go back to the workflows site and click the Setup button to start setting it up!


4. Initial Setup - some basic settings such as language, unsubscribe option, missed or dropped calls, etc.


Please note that when connecting the call to a specific agent or phone number, it should be one without an IVR or queuing as you will be given a choice to accept the call. Also, please ensure the number is added in e164 or international format (i.e. +4612345678).

Also, there's an option to show a specific caller ID to the customer/prospect during the callback, to keep the origin number private or direct further calls to a different number. 


4. Email notification - add one or multiple email addresses which should receive the email notification. Note that you will only receive email notifications only after a callback has been scheduled.


5. Set up the SMS that will be sent to the caller. 


6. Design the landing page - choose the text, background and text color.


7. Design the confirmation page - choose the text, background and text color. 


8. Save your changes, and you are ready to go!


Here are some examples of the Call Recovery workflow in action: 





How it works

  • After a phone call has finished, this call recovery workflow will send a text message to the caller and will give the opportunity to schedule them to be called back.
  • In case of a failure to dial the customer's representative, the customer's representative does not press 1, or, the website visitors phone number, the call is re-scheduled and one more attempt will be made in a few minutes of time. 

What we send

  • Text message to the caller
  • Email to the address set for notifications

Getting started

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