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Speech Analytics Workflow

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With the Speech Analyst recipe enabled, you can define specific keywords that you are interested in to be highlighted in your conversations. Our speech to text tools will transform your calls into text and this recipe will locate the specific keywords you predefined and produce data for you based on these specifications.

This will help you understand the behaviour of callers and agents alike, along with valuable data regarding the content of your calls. 


To enable this recipe, please visit our Dashboard and the Recipes section, and look for Speech Analytics. After enabling it, select Edit to start preparing this recipe:


Step 1: Call recordings: Our recipe will check if call recordings are enabled (if not, they'll need to be activated before moving forward, don't hesitate to contact Support if you need help).



Step 2: Select the language spoken in your calls English for UK, US or Australia, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, French or Dutch at the moment). 



Step 3: Add different categories in this recipe (you can add Keywords later in each category)



Step 4: Here you will be able to define the Agent keywords, to be added in each of the categories selected in the previous steps. These are the words that the analyst will look for on the Agent's side of the conversation.



Step 5: You can add here the keywords for the caller. 



Step 6: In this step you can rank the different categories you selected and the keywords. Categories need to get ranked (in case two or more categories get the same amount of keywords detected). 


Our system will automatically categorise the calls based on the different keywords selected in this recipe. 

Any questions, feel free to reach out to our Support team! 





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