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Using our Adwords Integration (Google Ads)

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With Adwords (currently known as Google Ads) you can use ads with Google searches based on relevant keywords defined by the advertiser. Google uses these characteristics to place advertising content on pages where they think it might be relevant, based on a pay-per-click formula. 

With our Adwords integration, you'll be able to track your ad conversion and import Freespee call data into your Adwords account. 


1. To enable this integration, simply go to the Dashboard in your account, click on the Workflows menu, select Integrations and request Adwords. (This only needs to be done once and only if it is not done before). This will send a ticket to our support team that will enable the Workflow for you as soon as possible. Note that your agreement must include this workflow in order for you to use it.


2. When you have got an email saying the integration has been enabled you can go to the integrations site again and click on Setup.

3. There, you will only need to add your Customer ID in Adwords (Google Ads) and click to save the changes.


To know your Customer ID, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Look at the top right corner of any page.
  3. Find “Customer ID” above your email address.

Once you have authorised Freespee to feed data to your account a conversion needs to be created in Adwords (Google Ads). Go to Tools -> Measurements -> Conversions. Create a new IMPORT conversion:


Give it a name, and set it up the best way it suits you and use that conversion name to set up the integration in Freespee. The conversion name should match the newly created one.


Once everything is connected, Freespee will import conversions 6 hours after the call is made (due to AdWords offline conversion API restrictions). 


Here's what we send to Google Adwords:

- Conversion Name
- Conversion Value
- Conversion Currency Code

Conversion value is basically the call commission. Call commission can be setup by creating pricing models for a customer. 

That's it! Any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Support team. 

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