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If you are aiming to proactively reach out to your prospects, you can do it with our Callback Manager workflow!


How it works

Once you have a missed call we will automatically create a unique PIN for this call. We will send you an email with a callback number and the PIN assigned so that you can connect with the lead that had the missed call. After this, you can call your trackback number (this static number will always remain the same as you call it to enter your different PINs) and connect with your customer. 


How to set up “Callback tracker” in the platform

You will find this feature in the Workflow's menu. First of all you need to activate it. If you see a Request button, a request will be sent to our Support team to enable this if available in your account.


Once activated you will be able to customise your Callback Manager by clicking on Setup:


First step:


You can customise:

  • Length of the PIN: Select how long your PIN will be, from 8 to 6 digits.
  • When the PIN will expire.
  • If you want to track the callback when a call is dropped. If so, you can select the call duration in seconds.
  • The length of a Successful call, measured in seconds.

Second step:



You can choose which area code your dealers or vendors will dial as well as the language of the audio guide they will hear when calling the phone number to enter the PIN. If you are based in a multilingual country you can create one number for each language. This way, multilingual agencies or agents can call different numbers to hear a preferred language. 


Third step:

Callback-tracker-3-step.pngYou can specify who will receive the email with the notifications (one or several), so the right people can manage the lead in order to make the best of this conversation.


Please see an example template below for the email notifications:




If you have any questions, don't hesitate to create a ticket for our Support team!

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