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Follow-up SMS workflow

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The Follow-up SMS workflow will allow you to automatically send a simple SMS with a pre-defined message to your mobile callers after they called, in order to be able to give the caller an improved customer experience. 

For example, if a mobile caller dropped the call or hung up too quickly, shortly after the call they will receive an SMS with a text of your choice. In combination with activating the Freespee workflows Missed call notifier or the Dropped call notifier, this could help you recover a caller and make a better impression towards your prospects and customers. 


How to activate it step by step 

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Recipes tab and search for the Follow-up SMS messaging workflow. 


2. Find the workflow and click the toggle to Enable it. You will need to fill in the required settings for it to be appropriately activated. 


3. In the Edit section, fill in the settings that you want to apply to the SMS. 

- Maximum call duration: if you set it up to f.e. 30 seconds, it will include all the calls that lasted from 0 to 30 seconds (all missed calls, and most of the dropped calls for example when you have an IVR). 

- Sender name: you can enter any name that you want the mobile users to see when receiving the SMS, but the limitation is 11 characters and no spaces. 

- SMS Text: here you have to insert the text content of the message that will be sent to customers. You can use the macro {custname} to include in the text the name of your Freespee account. 

Now enable the workflow by simply clicking Save changes. Done! 




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