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How to add or amend Pricing Models

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Freespee provides a feature called ‘Pricing model’ which is customisable and in which you can specify the conditions you want to set for your inbound call qualifications.

A pricing model is something you add to a campaign, and it applies to all of the numbers in it.

Freespee allows you to set specific conditions to a pricing model that you create. The pre-set conditions are following: weekdays when the requirements should apply, qualification levels based on call duration, value (€/£) per qualification level and finally condition for when a caller is counted as unique, depending on the length of your sales cycle.

If you are interested in creating a Pricing Model, or changing the lead values assigned to the Pricing models in your account, this can be done quickly in Settings in your Master account.

Simply click Settings on the left hand side menu (click on the Cog icon), then click Pricing Models tab on top of the screen, and there you can see your active pricing models.


You can add a Pricing Model condition setting up Weekdays, Time Period, Call Length and Cost Per Lead.

To make changes, you can click on the current condition (called ADDED CONDITIONS on the right side of the info box) to delete it, and add a new set of conditions with a new price.


Should you have any questions or suggestions at all, feel free to reach out to our Support team! 


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