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Advalo integration

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What is Advalo?

Advalo is a marketing platform to talk to each consumer at the moments that most influence their purchase decision. By combining offline/online marketing data and artificial intelligence, it allows to act on all points of contact and deploy relevant omnichannel campaigns, respectful and individualised.

By enabling this integration, Freespee will automatically feed Advalo with call metrics and calls will show up as Events. With this information, we will be able to bridge the gap between our customers' digital journey and offline conversations.

How to enable the integration step by step

1. Make sure that you have enabled first party domain cookies in your Advalo integration. It is needed for this integration to function.

2. Log in to your Freespee analytics account, select the Recipes tab and search for Advalo.



3. Find the Advalo integration and click the toggle to Activate.



That's it! There are no additional settings needed for this recipe. Now your Freespee account is integrated with Advalo.


What we send

  • Freespee ID of the call
  • Freespee ID of the customer account
  • Name of the customer account in Freespee
  • Customer number of the account in Freespee
  • Source name
  • Source media
  • Start time of the call
  • End time of the call
  • Duration of the call
  • If the call was answered or not
  • Number of the caller
  • Number to where the call was connected
  • Advalo visitor ID
  • Advalo visit ID



Please do not hesitate to reach out to support@freespee.com in case you have any questions regarding the activation. 


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