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How to track call conversions in your Bing Ads account

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We have released a new integration that will allow you to track your call conversions and data in your Bing Ads account!

How does this integration work? We simply pick up a "msclkid" from your website (if the visitor clicked on a Bing Ad), and then we send that data to Bing Ads as an offline conversion.

In order to be able to import Freespee calls to your Bing Ads account, there are few setup steps to take.



1) In your dashboard account, go into the Workflows tab, select Integrations, search for Bing ads and click on the request button (This only needs to be done once and only if it is not done before). This will send a ticket to our support team that will enable the Integration for you as soon as possible. Note that your agreement must include this integration in order for you to use it.


When you have got an email saying the integration has been enabled you can go to the integrations site again and click on setup.


2) When you have received an email saying that the integration has been enabled, you can go back to the integrations site and click on Setup. You will find there a guide to advise you on the setup steps. To start, add your Bing Ads Developer Token and click SAVE CHANGES to continue.


3) Give Freespee access to interact with your Bing Ads account. Click AUTHORIZE WITH BING ADS to authorize access.Step_3.png


4) Add your Bing Ads settings to Freespee's integration settings, using the form on the left.

5) Make sure AutoTagging is enabled in your Bing Ads account.

6) Click SAVE CHANGES to store your configuration.



PLEASE NOTE: Once you are ready with the setup in the Freespee platfrom, you must also create an offline conversion goal in Bing to be able to track calls.


Data picked up by the integration: 
- "msclkid" URL parameter on the landing page


Data sent to Bing Ads: 
- Conversion currency code (for example GBP) 
- Conversion name (an offline conversion with this name must already exist in Bing Ads) 
- Conversion time (time of the call) 
- Conversion value (optional)


If you have any further questions about this integration, please don't hesitate to send us an email to support@freespee.com


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