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What is a coffee report?

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Our coffee reports are data reports sent to you via email. The idea behind them is to try to automatically find interesting patterns and trends in the call data and compare it with the last week's data, in order to highlight these to you.

There are two levels of coffee reports, for Master users and for Sub-account users. 

Master Level Coffee Reports

Master level coffee emails are enabled by default for all master level users and they are available to only master level users. If the user wishes to unsubscribe to stop receiving the master level Coffee emails, there is an unsubscribe button in the email itself. 

This report compares the calls to different sub-accounts under the master account. It is sent weekly on Fridays and provides the data from the previous week. 


Sub-customer Level Coffee Reports

Sub-customer level Coffee emails are not enabled by default, they have to be enabled in the Freespee platform and are available to only Sub-customer level user.


There are currently 2 types of sub-customer level coffee reports available:
- Fastest growing medium: sent weekly on Thursday, showing data from the last 7 days compared to data from the previous week.


- Events sent: sent weekly on Tuesday, comparing data from last 30 days.


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