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Changing settings for all campaigns

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If you would like to change some of the settings for all of the campaigns within your Master account, it is possible to apply these changes to all campaigns with a click of the button.

1. Log in to your Freespee account and open the Settings tab of your Master account.


2. Next, click Campaign settings. Here you will see the amount of campaigns affected and all the accounts within your Master account. 


3. When scrolling down, you will see several options that can be changed for all your campaigns. Enable the changes you would like to make. If you would like to enable a voicemail, you can choose an existing voicemail greeting (if there are any) or create a new one.

4. If you would like to receive notifications for all of your campaigns, enable the notifications you prefer and fill out the Sms number and/or E-mail address. Next, click Apply to all to confirm the changes.

5. Done! All your campaigns have now been updated with the selected settings.

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