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Enhance the user experience for your customers with this messaging workflow! 

When enabled, it will automatically send a short text message to callers who have dropped off (i.e. "short calls"), asking them if they would like to be called back. You will be notified by email if the user clicks the link and accepts to be called. The caller will be redirected to a landing page with a confirmation message according to your settings. You can then reach back to the caller, or chose for Freespee to automatically arrange the callback for you. 

How to activate

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Workflows tab and search for Callback Request.

 2. Find the Callback Request workflow and click the Setup to Enable it. If you see a Request button, a request will be sent to our Support team to enable this if available in your account. 

 3. Time to enter your Settings for this workflow.

  • Never send SMS to a recurring caller more often than x If a caller makes multiple calls and one text message has already been sent, this setting controls how long we should hold off until sending a new text message.
  • Text message The text in the message that the caller will receive after they abandoned the call.
  • Background of landing page The hexadecimal (or color code) of the background color of the page the abandoned caller will see after they click the link in the text message. 
  • Color of text Same as above. 
  • Title on landing page
  • Message on landing page
  • Allow customers to unsubscribe from recovery messages (optional)
  • Enter your custom unsubscribe link text (optional)
  • Automatically call both parties (optional): If selected, Freespee will automatically arrange a callback, calling your number and the original caller, and we will connect both calls. 
  • Phone number of the agent to call 
  • Email to notify Recipient of the "a visitor has requested that you call them back - please call XXXXXXXX" email. Multiple email addresses can be added as a comma-separated list. E.g. "support@freespee.com,frederik@something.com"
  • Cancel button The text of the Cancel button can be customised. 
  • Url of your logo The URL of your logo to be shown on the landing page that the person who requested the call back will see.
  • Min and max call duration The lower and upper bound, in seconds, of what will qualify as an abandoned call.
  • Sender name The name that will be displayed as the sender in the text message.


4. You can directly have a look at a preview of the landing page, where the caller ends up after clicking the link in the text message. You can easily make changes in title, message and colours.

Settings added? Click Save changes to confirm the activation.

5. Congratulations! The Callback Request is now set up. To try it out, make a phone call to one of your active numbers in Freespee. Make sure you are not calling from the same number as the active number connects to.

How it works

  • After a phone call has finished, this messaging workflow will send a text message to the caller if rules are met. 
  • If the caller requests a callback we will initiate a call at the time requested. In case of a failure to dial the customer's representative, the customer's representative does not press 1, or, the website visitors phone number, the call is re-scheduled and one more attempt will be made in a few minutes of time. 

What we send

  • Text message to the caller
  • Email to the address set for notifications


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