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Smartphone Notifier app activation

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Once set up, the Freespee Smartphone Notifier App will push call data on a per call basis to your Android smartphone, which will display a small overlay notification similar to this example:

Step by step activation

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Apps tab and search for Smartphone Notifier

2. Find the Smartphone notifier App and click Activate.

3. To complete the activation, click Save and Activate.

4. Note the unique Verification code, you will need it later to activate the Android application.

5. Download and install the Freespee Notifier App from Google Play using your Android smartphone:

6. Once installed, open the Freespee Notifier App. Enter your mobile phone number and the verification code found in step #4 above.

7. Your mobile phone number is now verified and you can close the app.

Congratulations! At the time of an inbound call to your business, this app will now display a notification with digital footprints of the caller. This enables you to make a better informed decision on how to kick off the call.

How it works

  • On each incoming call, a real-time notification will be pushed and displayed on your smartphone.
  • Works with Android smartphones.


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