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Enhance comScores display advertising ability with phone call data provided by the Freespee integration. Freespee eliminates the blind spot that is created when your online visitors from comScore ads decide to call you.

By integrating with comScore, Freespee creates a bridge between the online campaigns and the phone calls they generate. With this complete data, comScore continuously optimises campaign bids to maximise the effectiveness of ad campaigns to increase high-value traffic.

Step by step activation

1. Start by accessing your comScore account and gather some information about your username, password, corporate and table for comScore API. 

2. Log in to Freespee, open the Recipes tab and turn the comScore integration on. 


3. Click on Edit to add the comScore API information collected in step one. When completed, remember to Save Changes.


Congrats! Your comScore data will now be completed with your call metrics.

How it works

  • Turning this integration on will optimise your comScore advertising by enabling Freespee to send click IDs and other conversions to the comScore platform
  • When a customer from a comScore advertisement arrives on your site, Freespee captures and records the comScore unique click identifier (UID)
  • At the same time, Freespee serves the customer a unique telephone number
  • When a call is made Freespee attributes the phone number to the UID and passes this conversion back to comScore

What we send

  • Whether the call was answered or not
  • Call length


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