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Using Freespee with a store locator

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This article is for Master Account holders.

Do you have a store locator on your website, and you would like to track calls there as well?

No problem, it can be done with Freespee and the getNumber function available in our JavaScript.

So what needs to happen for the tracking to work in the map?

First of all, you will need to trigger the getNumber function when the infobox on the map opens. Then it is just a matter of passing in the correct data to the function.

 function(ref,res) {

The parameters that you will need to pass to the function are:
phone - This is the HTML element that contains the number.
'YourAPItag' - The API tag for your Master Account.
'&custnr='+storeId+'&custname='+storeName - This is where you will pass in the Account number and name of the particular store. The account number is the one you chose when creating the stores account in the Freespee Dashboard.

Well done! You are now up and running, tracking calls coming in from your store locator map.


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