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Webtrends integration

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By enabling this integration Freespee will automatically feed Webtrends Analytics with call metrics. Calls will show up as Events in Webtrends Analytics. With this information, you will be able to bridge the gap between your customers' digital journey and offline conversations. 

Just like form submissions, you will be able to segment your offline converting audiences and target them inside your marketing stack, giving you the data you need to achieve higher levels of personalised targeting.

Step by step activation

1. Go to Webtrends and collect your Webtrends data source ID (dcsid).

2. Log in to Freespee and find the Webtrends Integration in the Integrations or Recipes tab. 


3. Click the text to open the Integration and enable it. 


4. Finally, open the Edit tab and add the Webtrends data source ID you just collected in step 1. Remember to Save the changes.




5. That's all. Phone calls are now automatically sent to Webtrends using Webtrends Data Collection API.

How it works

  • When a customer arrives on your site, Freespee captures and records the Webtrends visitor cookie ID (WT_FPC)
  • At the same time, Freespee serves the customer a unique telephone number
  • When a call is made Freespee attributes the phone number to the visitor sessions and the Webtrends ID, and then passes this ID back to Webtrends
  • The conversion data is now available to view in your Webtrends Analytics account and you can use it to measure the influence your digital marketing activity has on offline conversions

What we send

  • Webtrends cookie ID (WT_FPC), client IP, user agent, timestamp and referral web address
  • If a call was answered, Webtrends custom variable is set to WT.z_callanswered=1, otherwiseWT.z_callanswered=0
  • If a call was qualified, Webtrends custom is set to variableWT.z_qualified=1, otherwiseWT.z_qualified=0
  • If a call was qualified, set WT.z_callvalue and WT.z_callcurrency to the value and currency of the call


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