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Sizmek app activation

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The Freespee App for Sizmek ensures that Sizmek not only takes clicks or form completions into account while making its data driven decisions, but also the phone calls made by visitors. With this app, Sizmek is able to take more efficient decisions for ad placements and campaign management.

Use this App to extend Sizmek with conversion data for visitors who call you. When online visitors click on a Sizmek ad or are exposed to one of them, Freespee captures the ID and records online activities for all such visitors. When a call is made, Freespee will send all this data along with details for the call, back to Sizmek. With this App, Sizmek will be able to take more efficient data driven decisions for ad placements and campaign management.

How to activate

1. Contact Sizmek for instructions to make the SZCD object available on your web page before the Freespee script loads.

2. When step 1 is completed, log in to Freespee, open the Apps tab and search for Sizmek.

3. Find the Sizmek app and click on Activate.

4. Click on Save and Activate to confirm the activation.

That's all. Congratulations! Sizmek is now extended with your call conversion data.

How it works

  • Freespee captures Sizmek tracking information and saves visitors' details
  • Every visitor gets its own phone number
  • When a call is made Freespee sends back the Sizmek Tracking details to Sizmek
  • A Sizmek JavaScript must be included on your pages before the Freespee JavaScript
  • Contact Sizmek on how to prepare your ads and your web site to use this app

What we send

  • Sizmek UUID
  • Sizmek Conversion ID


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