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Millennial Media app activation

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Freespee continuously feeds Millennial Media with web to voice events ensuring that the app always receives complete and correct information. This enhances programmatic buying and other data driven decisions for Millennial Media giving you better ROI for the same investments. Use this app to automatically push successful conversions back to Millennial Media.

How to activate

1. Go to your Millennial Media account and copy the tracking ID. The tracking ID can be found in your campaign details by enabling conversion tracking and clicking the "Generate" button.

2. Also make sure Millennial Media sends the "mm_urid" URL parameter to the landing page (this will be the default setting).

3. Log in to Freespee, open the Apps tab and search for Millennial Media

4. Find the Millennial Media App and click Activate.

5. Enter the tracking ID you copied in step 1 and click on Save and Activate to confirm the activation. Done! Conversions are now pushed back to Millennial Media.

How it works

  • Freespee captures all visits coming via Millennial Media
  • When a call is made Freespee records the conversion
  • Freespee sends the conversion to Millennial Media
  • Millennial Media links the visitor with the call conversion

What we send

  • Click ID
  • Hardware ID
  • Goal ID


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