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Kenshoo app activation

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Kenshoo is a global leader in predictive marketing software. By integrating with Kenshoo, Freespee creates a unique closed-loop feedback mechanism between the online campaigns and the phone calls they generate. With this complete data, Kenshoo continuously optimises campaign bids to maximise the effectiveness of ad campaigns and the resultant conversions. Freespee pushes back call conversion details originating from Kenshoo traffic to Kenshoo daily.

How to activate the Kenshoo app

1. Contact your account manager at Kenshoo to make sure Kenshoo sends the "kclickid" (Kenshoo click id) URL parameter. Also, ask for FTP login details: FTP Server, FTP Username and FTP Password. Those are details you will need later.

If you need help with this step, simply assign a ticket to us and include the contact details of your Kenshoo account manager.

2. Log in to your Freespee account, open the Apps tab and search for Kenshoo.

3. Find the Kenshoo App and click Activate.

4. Add the FTP login details from Step 1 and click Save and Activate.

Good job! Now you can start tracking calls originating from visitors driven by Kenshoo.

How it works

  • Freespee captures all visits coming via Kenshoo
  • When a call is made Freespee records the conversion
  • Freespee sends the conversion to Kenshoo daily
  • Freespee pricing models should be employed in order to send a call value to Kenshoo for calls
  • Kenshoo links the visitor with the call conversion

What we send

  • Kenshoo ID
  • Esitmated call value


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