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DC Storm integration

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DC Storm delivers a platform which arms digital businesses with performance measurement tools, analysis and reporting. Freespee's integration feed helps you understand your visitors online and offline behaviours.

Activate in just a few steps

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Recipes tab and search for DC Storm.


3. Find the DC Storm integration and click the toggle to Enable it.


Well done! Your Storm Platform is now extended with call conversion information.

How it works

  • Freespee captures DC Storm tracking information and saves visitors' details
  • Every visitor gets its own phone number
  • When a call is made Freespee sends back the Storm Tracking details to DC Storm
  • DC Storm links online and offline activities

What we send

  • Session details
  • Visitor details
  • Channel details
  • Call timestamp
  • Duration
  • Call type
  • Lead value (if applicable)



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