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Callback widget, user manual

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The Freespee Callback Widget works as follows:

  1. A website visitor enters their call back details (phone number).
  2. The call is connected to the customer's representative.
  3. A recorded voice tells the customer's representative to press 1 to connect the call. This is done in a loop for approximately 4 minutes in case the call is on hold or in a queue.
  4. When the customer's representative presses 1, the website visitors phone number is automatically dialled and connected to the customer's representative.
  5. In case of a failure to dial the customer's representative, the customer's representative does not press 1, or, the website visitors phone number, the call is re-scheduled for another attempt in a few minutes of time. This is done up to three times before giving up and displaying the call back request as a missed call in the Freespee dashboard.

If you have questions regarding the call back widget, feel free to reach out to Freespee support and we'll help you sort things out. To speed up the troubleshooting, please explain carefully what happens and in which step the callback widget fails. Times and dates for your test calls are valuable.

Callback Widget implementation guide

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