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Add a static number in Germany

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To add a static number in Germany, log in to Freespee and open the Nummern tab.


Click on Quelle Hinzufügen.

Fill out the Name and Medien (optional).

What is special for static numbers in Germany is that you can choose if you'd like to use new numbers or numbers from the pool, so-called extensions. The first number must be ordered as a new number, and once that number is allocated, you can choose to use numbers from the pool. If you do so, we will create extensions of new numbers ordered earlier.

Due to the special regulations in Germany, all address details must be confirmed before you can get a static number. Regulations in Germany also state that a phone number can only be given in the same city as the address of the customer.

It means that if you enter a Berlin-address, we expect you to add a Berlin phone number (030...) in the Verbinden anrufe mit field. So, in other words, fill out the details and make sure that the local area code for the answering number matches the customer address added in Einstellungen

Enter the activity period, Aktivitätsperiode, for the number. It's ok to leave those fields blank. If you do so, we will activate the number as soon as it is allocated and the number will remain active until you set an expiry date. Please note that after the expiry date, Ablaufdatum, has passed, calls to this number will not be connected to the customers answering number.

Great work, you are almost done. Finally, you can choose to turn on features like call recording, voicemail and e-mail / SMS notifications. When done, click on Speichern.

Once saved we will process your order and when the address details have been confirmed a Freespee number will be created automatically and appear in the dashboard. It usually takes a few minutes but can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

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