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Heap Analytics integration

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By enabling this integration Freespee will automatically feed Heap Analytics with call metrics. Calls will show up as Events in Heap Analytics. With this information, you will be able to bridge the gap between your customers' digital journey and offline conversations.

Easy to activate

1. Make sure the Heap Analytics and Freespee scripts are both installed on all your web pages. Where should I insert my code snippet with the script

2. Log in to Freespee, open the Recipes tab and turn the Heap integration on. 


3. Great work! Freespee calls can now be found in Heap.

How it works

  • When a customer arrives on your site, Freespee captures and records the Heap Analytics visitor identifiers
  • At the same time, Freespee serves the customer a unique telephone number
  • When a call is made Freespee attributes the phone number to the user session and the Heap ID, and then passes this user ID back to Heap Analytics
  • Heap Analytics then registers this conversion as an event in the platform

What we send

  • Heap App ID
  • Heap Visitor ID
  • A Freespee call event
  • Answered / Missed
  • Call duration in seconds


Getting Started

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