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Heap Analytics app activation

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Heap Analytics is a web analytics tool which allows you to analyse web visitor behaviour without having to code event triggers on your web page.

Easy to activate

1. Make sure the Heap Analytics and Freespee scripts are both installed on all your web pages. Where should I insert my code snippet with the script

2. Log in to Freespee, open the Apps tab and search for Heap Analytics.

3. Find the Heap Analytics App and click Activate.

4. Click Save and Activate to confirm the activation.

5. Great work! Freespee calls can now be found in Heap.

How it works

  • Freespee captures the Heap identifier and app id for each web visitor and serves the visitor with a unique call extension
  • When a call is made Freespee sends back conversion data to Heap Analytics
  • Heap Analytics will register an event in Heap Analytics.

What we send

  • Heap App ID
  • Heap Visitor ID
  • A Freespee call event
  • Answered / Missed
  • Call duration in seconds


Getting Started

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