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Cancel or pause a customer account

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To pause or cancel a customer account, simply follow the two steps below.

1. Disable tracking script

Log in to Freespee account and open the Settings tab.


Click on the Tracking tab.


Set the Tracking option to Disabled. It will disable the Freespee tracking script and stop it from replacing phone numbers on your website. Remember to Save your changes.

Please note that calls to recently active dynamic numbers will still be connected to ensure that you will not lose any leads. If you, for some reason want to prevent those calls from being connected, simply add a ticket, and we will help. 

2. Remove any static sources that are on the account

If you use static numbers, go to the Numbers tab in your customer account.


Find the Freespee number and click on Show details.

You will now have two choices. If you want the number to be inactive a date in the future, enter the last day you want it to be live in the Expiry date field.

The default quarantine time is 60 days, within which the number remains allocated to your account, and you can reactivate it. The quarantine time may differ depending on your account.

If you'd like the number to be immediately deleted, click on Remove source and confirm your action in the next step.

A friendly reminder: make sure that the static number you remove is not published anywhere to ensure no leads will be lost.


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