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Linking Mobile integration

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Linking Mobile is an advanced mobile affiliate platform which guarantee’s sales, sign-ups and leads for advertisers. By enabling this integration, Freespee will automatically attribute Linking Mobile traffic to call conversions and then feed this back into the Linking Mobile account. These conversions will then be used by Linking Mobile to improve the performance of your campaigns.

How to activate

1. To activate this plugin start by making sure that Linking Mobile sends the "lm_clickid" URL parameter. It is what an example URL would look like:


2. Log in to Freespee, open the Recipes tab and search for Linking Mobile.


3. Find the Linking Mobile integration and click the toggle to Activate.


4. That's it! Freespee will now feedback call conversions to Linking Mobile in real time. In Linking Mobile the calls will be added as an Action under Reporting, Device.


How it works

  • When a customer from a Linking Mobile advertisement arrives on your site, Freespee captures and records the Linking Mobile click ID
  • At the same time, Freespee serves the customer a unique telephone number
  • When a call is made Freespee attributes the phone number to the ID and passes the ID back to Linking Mobile
  • Linking Mobile then links the ad with the call conversion

What we send

  • Click ID


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