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Questions about a call

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Sometimes you have questions about a call or maybe you've even experienced a problem in a call. If that happens it's a good idea to look further into it. This is a small checklist that could be useful in this situation:

1. Check User events

Can you find the call in the User events tab in Freespee?


Here you can find answers about

  • Caller's phone number
  • Date, time and duration of the call
  • Customer journey – how the caller has come to your site
  • Status – answered or missed
  • Voice mails and call recordings

2. Check report

Can you find the call in the Traffic log report?

Click the Menu-button in the top-right corner of the Dashboard tab.


This will display an Actions menu giving you the ability to export a CSV or PDF Traffic log report. This report gives you data about every call that can be really helpful when you need to see the details.


3. Let us help

If step 1 and 2 does not answer your questions please create a ticket and let us help. Make sure to include

  • time and date of the call
  • what number the call was made from and/or the number that was dialled.
  • your question

The more information we receive, the sooner we can find the answers and solutions together.




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