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What is a whisper message and how to add it?

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A whisper message is a voice message played in the beginning of a call. The message is played for the person calling or the person answering the phone. You as a partner or customer are free to choose the content of the message, since it is recorded by you.

How to get a sound file added to your account

1. Start by opening a ticket letting us know that you want to add a whisper. How to create a ticket?

2. Attach the sound file to this ticket. Please note that the format of the sound file should be 8000hz mono uncompressed WAV 16-bit.

3. We will also need to know if you want the message to be played for the person calling or the person answering the call.

4. Finally let us know if you'd like the whisper to be played on all numbers, static and dynamic or if you only want them to be played on selected static numbers. What is a Source?

5. Send us the ticket. Please note that unless anything else is agreed Freespee will invoice the standard hourly fee for ongoing changes. Estimated work time for administration and implementation of a whisper message is 1 hour.

6. We will get back to you as soon as the whisper message is added to your account.

Turn a whisper message on and off for a number

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