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PipelineDeals integration

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We have added the Pipeline Deals CRM integration to help marketers get a full understanding of their customers journeys and for sales agents to quickly asses the origin and engagement of website visitors that are calling the business, while they are talking to the customer.

By activating the Pipeline Deals integration, our customers can now get call data and website analytics data in the customer CRM record, providing the sales agents with a detailed overview of the customers digital and offline journey.


Step by step activation

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Apps tab and search for PipelineDeals.

2. Find the PipelineDeals integration and click Activate.

3. Go to your PipelineDeals account and open your Account Settings.

4. Find your API key by clicking PipelineDeals API. Copy the API key.

5. Add your PipelineDeals API key into the PipelineDeals activation window. Check the Auto create person checkbox. The auto creates person option instructs Freespee's platform to automatically create a new person in PipelineDeals if no existing Person was found. 

6. Finally, click Save and Activate to confirm the changes. Congratulations! Call information and user journey will now be added to PipelineDeals.

How it works

  • A call initiates the process
  • The caller's website browsing history is fetched
  • In the same instant Freespee searches the Pipeline Deals account for the caller's phone number
  • If a record exists with the phone number, the data about the call and the website history is added as an activity to the record
  • If there is no match, it can a) create a new record or b) store the data for future use
  • If b) Freespee will continuously check for a new record entry that uses the phone number and if it finds it, Freespee will add the website data retroactively to this record

What we send

  • Call data
  • User journey


Tips: Check out the Getting started section for more setup and integration guides.

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