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UTM segmentation app activation

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We know how important it is for you to get granular data about where on the web your customers come from. That’s why our engineers have worked hard to improve the way UTM sources and parameters are recognised in the Freespee platform. Now, you can do advanced UTM segmentation with the flick of a switch by activating the UTM segmentation App. In other words, use this App to auto segment your traffic based on UTM parameters in the Freespee platform.

How to activate UTM segmentation

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Apps tab and search for UTM Segmentation.

2. Find the UTM segmentation App and click Activate.

3. No parameters required, simply hit Save and Activate and you are done!

How it works

  • Freespee looks at the utm parameters in the landing page URL for incoming visitors
  • The visitors phone calls are automatically segmented in Freespee campaigns
  • Freespee campaigns are created automatically

What we capture

  • utm_source into campaign name (required for plugin to auto segment)
  • utm_medium and utm_campaign into publisher


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