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IntelliAd integration

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IntelliAd is a bid-management, and multichannel tracking tool which helps you optimise your website and ad spend. Feed call conversion information to IntelliAd to better understand your visitors' online and offline behaviour.

How to enable the integration

1. Contact intelliAd, preferably your account manager, and ask them to enable Freespee. If you don't know your intelliAd customer ID, ask them for that too as you will need it later. If you need assistance with this step, just open a ticket and give us the contact details to your intelliAd account manager, and we will help you out.

2. Log in to Freespee, open the Recipes tab and search for intelliAd.


3. Find the intelliAd integration and click the toggle to Enable.


4. Enter the intelliAd Customer ID from Step 1. You can also add a White-label domain if you'd like to. Remember to press Save changes to confirm the activation.


5. You will need to add a small script to your site for IntelliAd to work with Freespee.

<script src="//t23.intelliad.de/get_uid_b2.php?rt=js" type="text/javascript"></script> 

Congratulations! You have now extended your intelliAd-platform with call conversion data.

How it works

  • Freespee captures intelliAd user IDs from visitors on your site
  • When a call is made Freespee sends back conversion data to intelliAd
  • intelliAd will link the online user journey with the phone call

What we send

  • intelliAd user ID


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