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How do I add or remove a static number?

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Creating and removing a static number (or sources as we sometimes call them) can be easily done in the Freespee dashboard. Static numbers are active during a pre-set period of time and applied where it is not possible to install the Freespee Tracking Script, for example in AdWords Call Extensions, on a Facebook page, a banner or a print ad.

Dynamic numbers generated by the Freespee script are always handled automatically by our system.

If you are working with campaigns this article shows how to Create a static number connected to a campaign

Creating a static number

Follow these steps to create a static number: 

1. Log in to Freespee and navigate to the account you are interested in using the "Accounts" icon on the left hand side menu. There, you should click on the Numbers tab in the new menu for this specific account. 


2. Click on the blue Add source button.


3. Describe your source by naming it. If you'd like to, you can add a word in the Media field to segment the call data even more. All the fields marked in red are mandatory and the rest of them are optional.

4. Pick the same area code as the customers answering number by clicking on Make a choice and picking a Freespee number. Fill in which number to Connect calls to (i.e. the answering number). If you want to use Alternative numbers this is where you enter the numbers and days/time. Detailed information regarding this feature is found here.

5. Enter the Activity Period for the number. It's ok to leave those fields blank. If you do so we will activate the number right away and the number will remain active until you set an expiry date. Please note that after the expiry date have passed, calls to this number will not be connected to the customers answering number.

6. Great work, you are almost done. In this last step you can choose to turn on features like call recording and voicemail. You can also enable notifications but we encourage you to reach to Freespee support to help you set them up in Message Orchestrator instead. Finally, click Save to confirm the activation!


7. When your static number is saved and active, we always recommend you to make a test call to the static number to ensure everything is working as expected.

Remove a static number

1. To delete a static number, log in to Freespee and open the Numbers tab in your customer account.


 2. Find the source you need to delete and click on Show details.

3. You will now have two choices. If you want the number to be inactive a date in the future, enter the last day you want it to be live in the Expiry date field. If you'd like the number to be deleted immediately, click Remove source and confirm your action in the next step. The default quarantine time is 60 days, within which the number remains allocated to your account and you can reactivate it. The quarantine time may differ depending on your account.

4. Finally a friendly reminder: please make sure that the number you remove is not published anywhere to ensure no leads will be lost.


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