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Criteo app activation

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Criteo is using proprietary predictive software algorithms, coupled with deep insights into consumer intent and purchasing habits, to price and place ads in real-time. Freespee can feed call data to the performance advertising platform Criteo. The Criteo platform will use this data to calculate cost of sales and ROI. For Criteo accounts with many conversions, Criteo can activate the conversion rate optimiser. This optimises spending in the Criteo bidding algorithm.

Turning this App on will optimise Criteo by enabling Freespee to send click IDs and other conversions to the Criteo platform.

How to activate

Activating the Criteo App is easy, simply create a ticket and include the following:

  • contact details (e-mail address) to your account manager at Criteo
  • your Criteo partner ID

and we will take care of the implementation for you.

When set up, the automated data feed from Freespee, makes your inbound phone calls part of the programmatic buying equation.

How it works

  • Freespee captures Criteo unique click identifier (UID) and saves down this information
  • Every UID gets its own phone number
  • When a call is made Freespee sends back the UID to Criteo
  • If "c_item_id=" is passed to Freespee via the setParameterString, we will pick it up and send it to Criteo.

What we send

  • UID
  • Partner ID
  • Timestamp
  • Call duration
  • Call status
  • Goal status (optional)
  • Goal value (optional)
  • Criteo Item ID (if passed to Freespee)


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