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Search Ads 360 integration

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Freespee is very excited about the power of automatic bid strategies in products such as Search Ads 360. With the addition of call data metrics, the mathematical algorithms can make much better bidding decisions. We are an integral part of closing a very big gap, and that's why, together with our friends at Google, we have developed an Integration for Search Ads 360.

In simple words, this means that when the integration is enabled, Freespee will feed information about calls to the customer's Search Ads 360 account. In the feed, there will be information linking each call to the Search Ads 360 visitor and the particular ad that generated the conversion. The Freespee integration utilises the Search Ads 360 Conversion API and feeds data to the customer's Search account in real time. Bid strategies in the Search Ads 360 platform will be able to leverage this data and make better mathematical bid decisions based on more complete statistics (rather than partial statistics which will be the case of not accounting for call conversions).

The impact of the Search Ads 360 integration can bring drastic changes to the amount of data available to the advertiser. If you're curious to know more, this is a great blog post to get you up to speed with some fancier details about Search Ads 360.

How to activate

For us to be able to activate the Search Ads 360 integration, there are some manual steps where we need your help to set everything up.

First of all, you will need to add Freespee as an Advertiser. You can do this in your Google account, following the steps here:


  • Log in to your Search Ads 360 account and navigate to the Advertiser > Advertiser Settings and make sure that "Conversions API" is set to Enabled. If not, please enable and save.
  • You will need to create at least one Floodlight activity, type Action Tag, for calls named "calls" or "offline calls" or anything else you'd like. Please navigate again to the Advertiser Settings and into Floodlight Activities and create a new Action Tag. The floodlight activity name is the information you later need to add into the Freespee Dashboard to enable the Search Ads 360 integration.

Instructions for creating a new Floodlight activity:

  • Name, for example, "Phone calls" (Whatever you choose to name it, please send us the name you are using, Freespee needs to know it)
  • Expected URL, just go ahead and add your domain address ex. "yourdomain.com" here, it will not matter.
  • Activity Group, please go ahead and create a new group called "Calls". If you are asked to choose, please set the group type to Action.

The rest of the information within the Floodlight Activity (such as the JavaScript and advanced options) can safely be ignored. As said above, Freespee just needs to know the name of the Activity you create.

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Workflows tab and search for Search Ads 360


2. Click on Setup to access the configuration settings for this Workflow. 


3. Next, enter some information from your Search Ads 360 account.

Action name, all calls: Mandatory field.

Action name, qualified calls: Optional. If you are working with campaigns, calls that are qualified, but have no commission specified in your pricing model, will get this tag. 

Transaction name, qualified calls: Optional. If you are working with campaigns, calls that are qualified, and have a commission specified in your pricing model, will get this tag. 

Action name, non-qualified calls: Optional. If you are working with campaigns, calls that are not qualified according to your pricing model will get this tag. 

Read more about pricing models and qualified calls: When is a call counted as Converted?

Click Save&Activate to confirm the activation.


The calls will now be visible in Search Ads 360 under Campaigns.


The automated data feed from Freespee will now make your inbound phone calls part of the buying equation.

How it works

  • Freespee captures Search Ads 360 traffic and saves visitors' click IDs
  • Every click ID gets its own phone number
  • When a call is made Freespee sends back the click ID to Search Ads 360
  • Search Ads 360 optimises their ad placement based on this conversion data

What we send

  • Click ID
  • Segmentation name
  • Timestamp


Read more: Getting Started



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