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Source stages: active, inactive and archived

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Static Freespee numbers are in different stages: active, inactive or archived depending on the expiry date set on the source. Please note that this does not apply to dynamic sources. What is a Source?

All your static numbers are found in the Numbers tab in Freespee.


Active numbers

First, your active numbers will be listed. An active number is connected to the answering number you have entered, and calls to that number will be measured until the Expiry date set. If no Expiry date is filled in the source will remain active.

Inactive numbers

When the Expiry date has passed, the source will be inactive, and the number will be in quarantine. The calls will no longer be connected once the source is inactive. The standard quarantine time is 60 days. When in quarantine the source can be reactivated. The quarantine time may differ depending on your account settings. If you'd like to know your quarantine time, simply create us a ticket.

Archived numbers

When the quarantine time has passed, the number will be listed under archived sources. When a source is archived, it is there for your reference but not able to reactivate.


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