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Create a static number connected to a campaign

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Static numbers are active during a pre-set time period and applied where it is not possible to install the Freespee Tracking Script, for example in AdWords Call Extensions, on a Facebook page, a banner or a print ad.

If you are a Master account holder and want to create a static Freespee number connected to a campaign, this is the step by step guide for you. (If you are not a master account holder, open a ticket, and we'll help you out.)

1. Log in to Freespee and open the Campaigns tab. 


2. Open the Campaign that you want to add a static number to by clicking on the Campaign name.


3. Scroll down to Tracking Method. Fill out the fields, the ones marked with the red stars are mandatory. Click on Add number.

4. You are done! The number will show up to the right in the Tracking method section of your campaign.

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