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Developer API: /sources/available_numbers

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This resource is used to retrieve available numbers, overall or for a specific area code and/or customer_id. Only 5 rows are displayed.


Mandatory parameters


Optional parameters

Name Type Description
customer_id int Freespee's unique ID for customer.
ccndc int Area code, formatted as 468 for Sweden, Stockholm.


Name Type Description
phonenr string Phone number in E.164 format.
local_phonenr string Phone number in local format.
active 1) int Marks a number as active or not, 1=true, 0=false.
active_from 2) string Earliest date when a number can be active, null=n/a.
is_extension 3) int Tells if the number is an extension or not, 1=true, 0=false.


Method not supported.


Method not supported.


Method not supported.

1)2)3) Only relevant for Germany

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