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Freespee API - Getting started

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1. Get access to the API

Create a ticket asking for your API access details. Please also provide us with your IP address(es) for access.

2. Test your credentials

Let's go ahead and use the /miscellaneous/ping resource to verify your partner credentials:

GET /miscellaneous/ping

Nice! We have access. If you plan to build some type of “keepalive” or “ping” service towards Freespee, please use this resource.

3. Create a customer

Now we will create your first customer using the API:

POST /customers

Not that hard, huh?

4. Create a source

Since we've now created your first customer, let's go ahead and create a source for DailyLoans that we will use for an AdWords campaign on Google:

POST /sources
  "timestamp":"2011-11-14 23:00:00",
  "created":"2011-10-15 16:09:31",
  "modified":"2011-10-15 16:09:31",

Note that since we did not specify any activation date, this newly created source becomes instantaneously activated (status=active).

Congratulations! You've now learned how to create a customer and assign a source to that customer using the Freespee API.

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