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How to track call conversions in your AdWords account

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In order to be able to import Freespee calls to your Google AdWords account, you first have to link your Analytics and AdWords accounts. The connection between AdWords and Analytics occurs via gclid parameter (Google Click ID) which lets Google pass the information between Adwords and Analytics.

Enabling Google Analytics integration



Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to enable AdWords conversion tracking for your Freespee calls.

Step 1: Enable auto-tagging

If you haven't done it yet, enable auto-tagging in your AdWords account & link AdWords account to Google Analytics (detailed instructions can be found here and here)

Step 2: Create a Goal for calls

Create a Goal for calls in Google Analytics. To create a Goal, please follow these steps (as an administrator of the account):

- Navigate to the Admin tab
- Under the View (Profile) list on your far right, click on Goals
- Click on Create a goal. Like the name, you can choose whatever, in this example, it’s called Phone calls. Choose the type Event
- On Event conditions, set Category equals to Freespee calls and Value to be higher than 30 (the Value here is the duration of calls). Tip: to filter away fewer quality calls, set a higher event value. If you want to track missed calls, add no value, just leave it blank.
- Turn off Event Value and set the average order value of an order placed over the phone, example 10$.
- Click on Create goal

This Goal will now start to match all calls from Google SEM where the duration of the call is longer than 30 seconds (or whatever you choose to set in Event condition value).


Step 3: Import your Analytics goals to AdWords account

To import goals, go to Tools in your AdWords account and choose Conversions > Import from Google Analytics. Keep in mind: if you just created the goal in Google Analytics, it can take as long as two days before you can choose to import it into Google Adwords.

Step 4: Conversions page

Once the goals data becomes available in your AdWords account, your imported conversions data will appear alongside your existing conversion data on the Conversions page, and you'll be able to customise columns on the Campaigns tab to include this data. All the benefits of conversion tracking in Adwords, such as enhanced CPC, is applicable here, and a phone call is a much more relevant goal than, for example, a visit to the Contact page.

Please note: phone calls via static Freespee numbers, created as Click-to-call for mobile ads, cannot be imported, because Freespee cannot track and upload the correct gclid:s for them. Only calls via dynamic numbers can be tracked this way.

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