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To track calls from search engine result page

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How to use Freespee call extensions to track inbound phone calls from the search engine results page (SERP) – and still get granular data?

Adding call data metrics to your online media buying tools is perhaps one of the best ways to make sure you get the most out of every penny from your online marketing budget. As Freespee allows you to automatically link an inbound phone call to specific keywords using the Freespee javascript on your website, it’s easy to measure how well keywords and PPC-campaigns are performing.

But what about inbound phone calls initiated directly from the search engine results page (SERP)? How can I get granular data from my PPC-ad call extensions and why does this matter?

We know for sure that people are most likely to click the call button to get in touch when using a smartphone for business discovery and it’s one of the most important call-for-action touches that you can offer visitors at your responsive website. However, you can also provide a Click-to-Call extension directory in your PPC ad, as it is being shown in the SERP. It is a perfect way to offer a shortcut to the path-to-purchase process for the fast-paced mobile consumer. A comprehensive Ipsos study shows that a large percentage of customers even get angry and annoyed if there’s no option to call a business directly in the SERP.

In average, up to 20% of the total amount of inbound phone calls from your mobile audience is coming from the Call extensions in Google Adwords. With thousands of calls a month in total into your call center, the numbers start to add up and you have a significant attribution leakage if you do not add these events to your data model.

Using Freespee, it couldn’t be a lot easier to also collect these events into your dashboard for inbound phone calls. You do not need how to code; you simply log in to your Freespee account where you can assign Freespee call extensions for publishing outside your web properties where you have embedded the Freespee script. You decide the level of granularity, keyword groups, ad campaigns or specific keywords. By using stringent naming conventions, you make it easier to create funnel analysis for calls that are being initiated outside your web pages.

1. Log in to your Freespee account and open the Numbers tab. 


2. In the Numbers tab, click Add source.

3. Fill out the name and optionally media, select an area code and what phone number you want Freespee to pass all the calls to. Click Save to confirm your changes.

Once you have saved it, publish it as an AdWords call extension to identify the spoken conversations with your mobile audience, as they take place also outside your web.

Happy Freespeeing!

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