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How do I add a new user to my account?

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There are two different kinds of user logins. Users on Master level and users on customer level.

User on Master level

Users on a Master level get access to all of your accounts. You might want to create such a login for your colleague or employee who works with Freespee. To add such user, please contact our support by adding a ticket and specify:

  • Which rights you want that person to have – Read-and-Write or Read-Only.
  • We also need to know the email address of the new user.
  • If you have several master accounts, please let us know to which accounts the new user should be able to access.

User on Account level

Users on account level have access only to that specific account. To add such a user, pick the account in your Accounts tab or search for it.


Once you've found the account, open it by clicking on the account name and follow the instructions in this article:

Can I add more users to my account?

Please note that, according to the data protection regulations, only representatives of your end customers are allowed to have a login on an account level, since they get access to full caller ID's. You as a holder of a Freespee Master account, are not allowed to create such login for yourself or a representative of your company.

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